Choco(nut) Bliss Balls

Chocolate Hazelnut Bliss Balls
Figuring out a post workout snack isn’t always so easy. Don’t worry though babes, I got you 😉 These chocolate hazelnut bliss balls (or as I like to call them ChocoNut Bliss Balls) are extremely easy to make and at just 90 calories per bite, a…

Not Your Average Chicken and Pasta Recipe

I don’t tend to crave pasta very often but when I do, this dish doesn’t disappoint. This recipe is pretty simple, but contains delicious ingredients that come together to create a very flavorful plate. Here is a way to spice up your chicken and pasta recipe!
Chicken and Pasta Recipe

The Essentials: What’s in my Gym Bag?

The Essentials: What’s in my Gym Bag?
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I’ve always been kind of obsessed with seeing what’s in people’s bags. Not in a weirdo creep kind of way, but just sort of curious to know what everyday essentials people carry with them. I thought…