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Choco(nut) Bliss Balls

Chocolate Hazelnut Bliss Balls
Figuring out a post workout snack isn’t always so easy. Don’t worry though babes, I got you 😉 These chocolate hazelnut bliss balls (or as I like to call them ChocoNut Bliss Balls) are extremely easy to make and at just 90 calories per bite, a…

Not Your Average Chicken and Pasta Recipe

I don’t tend to crave pasta very often but when I do, this dish doesn’t disappoint. This recipe is pretty simple, but contains delicious ingredients that come together to create a very flavorful plate. Here is a way to spice up your chicken and pasta recipe!
Chicken and Pasta Recipe

Mason Jar Meal Prep Ideas

Mason Jar Meal Prep Ideas
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When it comes down to my routine, my diet is usually my kryptonite. I’m on track throughout the week and as soon as the weekend hits…kiss my good decisions goodbye. It’s calorie overkill – overeating, and bad…

Mediterranean Turkey Burger Recipe

Are you craving something hearty that doesn’t weigh you down? This recipe is simple, quick and nothing short of delicious. It will keep your calorie count low and your stomach happy. Turn on the stove and get ready to indulge.
Serves 4

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 12 Minutes




1 Pound Fresh Ground…